Friday 22 March 2013

Save the Queen Sword

I'll start this Blog off with some pictures of the full sized Save the Queen Sword I made for a colleague at my last job. Sally, for that was her name, was a cosplay enthusiast and had decided to make herself a General Beatrix costume from Final Fantasy 9. The costume she could do, but she needed the 'Save the Queen' sword to go with it and she got wind that I was a bit of a prop maker on the side. She asked if I'd consider doing it for her and I said I'd be delighted if she covered the cost of materials.

This is the final sword. In the lower picture you can see it alongside the plans that I used, scanned from the Art of FF9 book and blown up to actual size. I'm extremely proud of this prop, not only because I think it turned out extremely well, despite the problems I encountered making it, but also because, in 13 years in the games industry, it was one of the very few things I ever produced that genuinely impressed my colleagues :/

I'll detail the process of how I made it in the next post.

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  1. This is a work of art. I'm making this sword right now- I can only hope it's even a third as perfect as this one.