Friday 22 March 2013

Time to start Blogging! (Again)

So here is my new Blog.

I ran a blog Here on LiveJournal for a few years before realising that brainfarts were easier on Facebook and easier still on Twitter. The thought of sitting down on an almost daily basis and writing a page of thoughtful and thought provoking text just began to feel like a chore. So Crow's Thoughts I slowly became disregarded until I no longer even visited it. Now I'm only reminded of it when I get an e-mail alert because some Russian spam bot has randomly replied to one of my posts. I keep meaning to lock them all and archive the blog once and for all but as I'm not a paying customer, I have to do it on an individual basis and I just can't be bothered.

So why start this one? Well, as I've recently started dipping my toes into the world of freelance illustration and I really need more of a web presence. I have a Facebook page and an online folio and a Deviant Art page and a AboutMe page and a Twitter feed, the most obvious missing piece was a blog. I could've started up my LJ account again but I started this one a few years back to group together all the BlogSpot blogs that I was following into one handy feed page. I have, however never posted on it and as I think LJ is generally maligned these days amongst the blogging public, and as Blogspot seems like a really nice interface to use, I decided to start using this one instead.

So what's it for? Well, probably not for brainfarts, that's still easier on FB and Twitter, but it will be mainly for posting various creative output, showing the working process and the final pieces. I follow and read so many blogs that do this, I just really like the idea of doing it myself.


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